Alexia Burgering

Sr. Interior Designer

Alexia Burgering

Alexia is an interior designer with an architectural touch. With a mountain of experience, she started at BeSpark two years ago. The rest is history

Alexia is not your average interior designer. Give her a challenge and she combines creativity with structure as if it were nothing. She likes efficiency and looks for the smartest solution for every assignment. A few lines on paper and some preconditions are enough; Alexia transforms them into a complete design in no time at all.

As a little girl, Alexia already knew for sure: "I'm going to be an interior designer." She devoured all interior programs and dived into everything that had to do with design. When it turned out in high school that she was also good at science subjects, she decided to combine this. She graduated with flying colors for studies in engineering and architecture.

Now, years later, Alexia has many projects to her name. Just say successful projects. When is Alexia really satisfied with a project? When the identity of the company is translated into the interior. Her spark comes as no surprise. She gets energy from understanding what the client intends and realizing it.

Norah is one of the projects that really warmed up. Alexia's passion for fashion made this assignment extra special. For years she made her own clothes: a hobby that suits her like a glove. Patience, finishing and details form a red thread through her life.

Alexia is always up for something new. This was also the case a year ago when a friend came up with an unexpected proposal: 'Why don't you come along to the women's golf course?'. This turned out to be a good match. You guessed it, her eye for detail and precision come in handy here too!

We are very happy to have Alexia in our team. Looking for many more designs full of special details!

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