Maja Kozel

Sr. Interior Architect

Maja Kozel

Maja works as a Senior Interior Architect at BeSpark, but has actually been in the world of construction and architecture all her life. Her father had his own company in the restoration of monumental buildings. As a little girl, Maja was inspired by this when she accompanied her father to construction projects. After graduating from art school, she wanted to discover the world.

Maja has worked in Asia for 3 years and in the Middle East for 12 years. These unforgettable international experiences are a perfect contribution to the diverse team in BeSpark.

How Maja starts her day depends on whether she works at home or in the office. Her day always starts with a cup of coffee and her morning oats. Then she goes through all the tasks that are scheduled for that day. “I love that our work is so versatile. One day we are in full preparation for a presentation to the customer, the next day we are working on detailed design behind the computer or we are on location for a new project!” The BeSpark team energizes Maja. “We are so well attuned to each other. We get a lot done with few words.”

Maja mainly gets inspiration from things that come from an unexpected corner. She gets the most inspiration when she is least engaged, for example when she is talking to someone about a certain topic, when she is traveling or getting a cup of coffee at her local coffee shop. Traveling is also a great source of inspiration for Maja. “As you read this, I am in Copenhagen to attend ‘3days of Design’ and was just last week at Design District in Rotterdam!”

The Bolster Investments project is something Maja is very proud of. “The collaboration with the customer and our team was very proactive and positive. The end result is a nice mix of openness, transparency and security.” Photos of this project will soon appear on our website and social media, so keep an eye on this!

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