Mariëlle Pols

3D Designer

Mariëlle Pols

Mariëlle entered the BeSpark office for the first time in 2015. As a student interior consultant, she wanted one thing above all: to gain as much experience as possible in the interior design industry!

She took every opportunity to learn on the job. And that has paid off. Mariëlle is aware of everything that is going on at BeSpark and can help with all projects. While her colleagues are often on location, Mariëlle is the one who can always be found in the office. No less than five days a week and with pleasure. She gets energy from interacting with her colleagues and always welcomes customers or partners with a big smile.

Ever since she was a child, Mariëlle knew for sure: a job in the interior world was made for her. Drawing was her great hobby and her room regularly got a makeover. One plus one is two: working in the interior design industry suits Mariëlle perfectly.

When Marielle does something, she does it well. So good that it sometimes resembles perfectionism. You will not hear us as an employer complaining, because the result is impressive. Mariëlle gets a lot of energy from her projects. Especially if her 3D design fully corresponds to reality. She regularly sees her own design come to life, such as with Greenberg Traurig. It remains magical to see your 3D project in real life

Mariëlle, thank you for being part of our team for 8 years! We hope we get to see many more of your designs come to life.

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