FROM CBRE TO bespark

CBRE, the place where it all began. Let's step back in time to a special moment. It was about 12 years ago, young Sander Bank entered CBRE, formerly Rietmeijer, full of motivation. At just 21 years old, just graduated, he started as a junior project manager under the guidance of Iwan de Leeuw. Passionately, Sander explains his plans for the future: 'I am going to work incredibly hard here for 6-7 years, develop myself and then I will start something for myself'. In the end, nothing lied about this. Together, they worked on many great projects at CBRE. In 2013, Iwan left CBRE and in 2015 he started iL Office, the forerunner of the BeSpark brand. 

At the end of 2015, Iwan asked Sander to continue building iL Office with him. Sander quit his job a day later and the rest is history. Since 1 January 2016, they have been business partners and their personal bond is also strong. The relationship between them is based on respect and trust, with a healthy dose of humour. 


Working a lot, hard and at a high level. That is how Sander describes his work: 'It's like top-level sport'. According to him, the entrepreneurial world is therefore not for everyone. 'It has to suit you and you have to like it, otherwise you won't last'. Nevertheless, he likes the pressure and responsibility that come with owning your own company. It is necessary to perform, and he likes to move quickly. Reacting quickly to changes in the market suits Sander better than working in an unwieldy organisation. 

Although Sander gets a lot of satisfaction from his work, it is only part of his daily life. He is truly a lover of the outdoors: barbecuing, hiking with his dachshund and enjoying the beautiful nature of Scandinavia. That is his Spark.

the spark SUCCESSFULLY translates to office furnishings

Sander also values a healthy work-life balance. He believes a positive and personal working atmosphere is necessary within the team. BeSpark regularly organises team trips, which strengthens the bond. They also strive for personal contact with clients to create an interior that really suits them. Translating that Spark into office design. That is what BeSpark stands for and Sander is proud of it.

Iwan, too, can confirm this. He himself gets a spark from the diversity, the team, clients and suppliers he works with. His work gives him energy and it sometimes feels more like a hobby that has grown out of control. He is satisfied with what he has achieved and looks back on the process with pride. His inspiration often emerges in the quietest moments. At night during a meditation or during an inspiring walk in nature.


In the world of business success and entrepreneurship, there is an essential ingredient that ignites the spark: passion. For Sander Bank and Iwan de Leeuw, that spark is their driving force. Their journey began at CBRE and led to the founding of BeSpark, a company that not only furnishes offices, but also captures the 'spark' of their clients.

Iwan and Sander share their love of nature, but that is not the only thing that connects them. On work matters, they also have a lot in common, but they far from always agree. According to Iwan, this is the key to success. They complement each other and that makes their collaboration stronger. As they celebrate the recent transition from iL Office to BeSpark, they look confidently to the future and opportunities to come.

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