Meet Suzanne

We would like to introduce you to one of our newest team members: Suzanne! You will recognize her by her big smile and cheerful attitude!

After almost two months Suzanne can say with certainty: she is cut out for this job. Although her feeling was actually right from day one. The biggest surprise turned out to be the interior design industry, where she now feels like a fish out of water. But that she was going to work in this industry was not always clear to her.

Why was it a surprise? Suzanne finished law school, tried various things and ended up in retail management. All interesting, but not "really Suzanne".

What really makes me happy? She asked herself that question regularly. When she was decorating her new house, the penny dropped: 'I belong in the interior design industry.'

The vacancy 'junior project manager' at BeSpark came at exactly the right time. You could call it a lottery ticket, so she decided to apply immediately. Looking back, everything fell into place. As a little girl she already had a love for architecture and even wanted to become an architect for a while.

In her job, she could combine this love perfectly with her other passion: organizing.  No sooner said than done. Suzanne has completely found her niche. When she sees a project come to life, she can't believe her luck.

Suzanne's Spark: the connection with people, just evenings with friends and great conversations make her happy. And she also finds that spark in the workplace by working with many different people!

The best thing about BeSpark? I can learn everything here!

Suzanne - Junior Projectmanager

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