"May we come to your office for a viewing internship?

We received this question a while ago from four students from Hogeschool Gent. Our answer? Of course, come along!

And so it happened. The four students were soon on our doorstep to learn as much as they could. It was up to us to give them a taste of our industry.

You learn the most by doing. So we gave an assignment, "Connect the team in the office that is now split in two.

With a tight deadline of two hours, the students set to work. In the process, they were given the freedom to open walls and move furniture.

In practice, we often see it: time pressure leads to creativity. This was also the case with the students. In the short time the duos came up with very surprising and totally different sketches.

An instructive day for the students, but also for us. The enthusiasm of the students is contagious and we cannot wait to see more of them in the future!

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