De Sleutels logo with moss
De Sleutels logo with moss


A good house, a natural home

At housing corporation De Sleutels, we got to work on a Design & Build project. They had moved to a new location in Leiden. The design is based on a number of essential values that are important to the organization.

De Sleutels decided to make the switch to an open and flexible working environment, away from closed and personalized workplaces.

Each working day begins in "The Living Room" of De Sleutels. This space is located in the center of the building and is pre-eminently the meeting place. A good cup of coffee is always within reach here!

Employees then move to the work floor, where they choose a workstation that suits them at that moment. All workstations are designed with dynamism and connection in mind.

We also provided informal meeting areas, such as a lounge and landing tables. There are also alternating workstations and consultation areas for both informal and formal meetings in both large and small groups.

To incorporate a sense of "natural home" into the design, we added several green elements. For example, we placed moss walls around the core on both floors, which simultaneously provide space for personal branding and signage.

Furthermore, we added additional plants to the internal staircase that connects the two floors and placed open shelving with various plants in terracotta flower pots. Together with the natural colors and materials, this creates a pleasant, homey and natural atmosphere.

The sustainable aspect is reflected in the reuse of certain elements left behind by the previous tenant. For example, we reused the existing reception desk, issue desk and inspiration wall and adapted them to the new interior.

We also reinstalled acoustic ceiling panels and reused various lighting fixtures.

We hope that the employees of De Sleutels will enjoy their new office to the fullest, because after all, a good home goes beyond just a nice workplace!

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