EclecticIQ saw the light of day in 2014, assembling a team of 60 talented employees with a unique expertise and strong background in threat analysis.

With offices in Amsterdam, London and Herndon (Virginia, USA), the company made a bold decision in mid-2015.

EclecticIQ chose to bid farewell to its Herengracht office and move to another building, which could be renovated, on Amsterdam's bustling Leidsegracht.

This building received a makeover, with old, classic building structures coming to the surface. Not only a great find, but also a source of inspiration!

The structures give the space a homely atmosphere, which we also carried through into the rest of the interior. Combined with the Southern European character, it creates an awful lot of atmosphere throughout the building.

Two open office spaces are connected by the social heart. This is the place where employees come together and exchange ideas. There are also some meeting facilities in this space.

Again, we choose warm colors to emphasize the homely character of the interior. The classic atmosphere of the building, combined with the innovative end user, creates a dynamic and informal working environment.

EclecticIQ's office is now a nice place to work. We wish the staff of EclecticIQ much enjoyment at work in their renewed office.

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