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The office of Greenberg Traurig

With each project we get to know the client well, and so it was with Greenberg Traurig. The design process began with delving into the culture of this international company.

Greenberg Traurig moved from downtown Amsterdam to the Valley a while ago. This live-and-work tower on the Zuidas stands out for its quirky architecture. A new location means a new interior!

It has to suit the company and the employees, but also the surroundings of the building. Therefore, we take inspiration from the entourage of the office.

What stands out? The combination of natural stones and plants around the complex forms a counterpart to the trendy surroundings. A special exterior requires at least as special an interior.

Inspiration enough in such an eccentric environment! Transparency and natural colors are characteristic of the Valley. We extend this into Greenberg Traurig's office: glass, plants and wood form the basis of the design.

These natural materials and warm tone-on-tone colors contribute to our mission in this design: to create a timeless interior with attention to quality and beautiful details. 

Greenberg Traurig's office space is divided into two floors. A large, centered staircase connects these two floors. This centerpiece of the building accentuates. We accentuate this center of the building with 'Dutch light' designed by Studio Thier & Van Dalen.

We do not only choose designer pieces from our own country. We reflect both the international character of the company, and the Amsterdam sobriety in the design. We combine international products with items designed by young Dutch designers.

In this way we reflect the culture of the company in the interior. Greenberg Traurig employees can now enjoy a refreshed, restful workplace!

''It was a pleasure to work with the professional team of BeSpark who guided us through the entire installation and relocation process. During this project we got to know BeSpark as a very involved party that managed to keep a cool head (and our head) during the sometimes stressful periods that come with a move. Thanks to BeSpark, we can look back on a successful and fun period from our new building.”

George van Iwaarden, Business Director Greenberg Traurig

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