Hal bij Norah met planten en paspoppen
Hal bij Norah met planten en paspoppen

NORAH - stylish fashion

From perfectly fitting pants to a cardigan you'd want to live in forever. You'll find it at Norah, whatever your style.

Norah is a fast-growing women's clothing brand. In 10 years, Norah grew into an organization with 700 colleagues and more than 90 stores. The headquarters moved from Heerhugowaard to a prominent location in Alkmaar.

The new, 2,400-square-meter headquarters consists of several parts. An office for the employees of various departments, a shop in office for the presentation of the new collections, a design studio, photo studio and a storage and distribution center. For us; the beautiful task to design and realize the interior of the new headquarters.

During the design we took into account the wishes of the client, but also the various functions of the building. In the building you want to feel the Norah brand, just as you feel it in Norah's stores.

The new office space is playful, soft and warm. Soft through the use of soft materials like felt. Warm through the use of warm colors like old pink and sea green.

As you enter the office, you see the shop in office. In this space clients, suppliers and customers experience what it is like in a store by Norah.

With a special coating, the design on the walls is extended into the floor of the spaces. This playful effect is not only very cool to see. As a result, the spaces breathe the Norah feeling.

Not only we, but also Norah, look back on a successful project!

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