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BeSpark was tasked by RSM Haarlemmermeer to merge two offices into one central office located in Haarlemmermeer. After a number of workshops and inspiration sessions with the client, the design team and the project management team, a design emerged where flexibility and hybrid working are key. When designing the RSM office, we aimed for a space that not only impresses, but also fits seamlessly with the vision.

The building is divided into two sections: a low-rise section and a high-rise section. RSM's office is divided between these two wings, with the lifts and a spacious atrium being the central point.  The stage for not just a workplace, but for an inspiring environment that reflects RSM's core values. 

Upon entering, you will see to your right a panoramic view of the workspaces and transparent hybrid meeting rooms. To the left are the official meeting rooms and two enclosed offices with a glass wall. This creates a sense of transparency and openness.

The break out space of the office is the place for relaxing with colleagues. People gather here for a cup of coffee, for lunch or a game of table tennis. Here we placed a long bar element with comfortable seating. Furthermore, the social heart contains several seating elements with a long bench with tables on the glass wall. This creates a café look.

The right side of the building focuses on flexi-working and hybrid working. The transparent spaces have different dimensions. The focus spaces are designed for a maximum of two or four people. This creates a calm and productive environment.

The large hybrid team spaces are deliberately placed in the centre so that they are accessible to the whole team. This not only promotes collaboration but also creates a sense of belonging.

The colours and materials in RSM's office have been carefully chosen: light grey and oak with black details form the base, while colour accents provide contrast and character. The light blue "runway" around the hybrid meeting rooms adds a playful effect.

The hybrid meeting rooms feature a vibrant floor pattern of ochre yellow, blue and taupe, while acoustic elements with integrated whiteboards and screens adorn the walls. The library exudes a special atmosphere thanks to the green carpet and custom-made sofa with a deep green accent.

Placing plants in the rooms gives the workstations a fresh and energetic atmosphere. This makes working not only productive, but also inspiring.

At BeSpark, we believe in creating spaces that are not only functional, but also tell a story. In the RSM office, we have created an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.

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