Diana Meeder

HR/ Office manager

Diana Meeder

Diana is HR and Office manager at BeSpark. She has more than lived up to her job title for eight years now. Diana and Iwan first met at her previous employer. When Iwan founded iL Office he was looking for passionate people like himself. It just so happened that Diana was also looking for a new challenge. 1+1=2, so her new position was quickly settled.

Not only has the name of the company changed, but its activities have also gone through the necessary changes - and Diana can only enjoy that. The different facets, the fast switching and the project support. She grabs everything with both hands. Are you asking Diana to do something? Then you know for sure that it will be done properly and quickly. She doesn't shy away from a challenge.

That Diana likes to roll up her sleeves is also evident in her spare time. She lives in Almere with her son and boyfriend in a small, energy-efficient house. They built a house on no less than 650 m2 of land two years ago. Her house may be small, but her passion for self-sufficiency is not.

For example, she is obligated to use 50% of the land for urban agriculture. Here she grows her own fruit and vegetables and has chickens. She also has a passion for making natural skin care. She not only lives very consciously herself, but also likes to convey this to others. From exercising to going out for dinner with friends. Diana enjoys life to the fullest.

Diana has completely found her spark on her own estate 'WoldeWeide'. In her house and (vegetable) garden she recharges completely, as if she is always on vacation. And she gives that feeling to everyone.

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