Iwan de Leeuw

Founder & Chief Executive

Iwan de Leeuw

Iwan is Founder & CEO. He gets his inspiration from everywhere. From people and buildings, to materials. Iwan sees Inspiration as energy that meets you and triggers something in you. During a quiet walk in nature, all kinds of inspirations and ideas pass by. His biggest tip? Open yourself up to it, and inspiration will come naturally!

A good start is half the work. Iwan is an early bird. For example, he starts exercising every day at 6:00 am. A must to start the day well for Iwan. 2021 was all about a persistent hernia, but 2022 was all about recovery. Iwan always starts his day at the office. After greeting everyone, he starts his mail. Iwan is a real jack-of-all-trades and works with all disciplines within BeSpark. That makes every day different!

What gives Iwan a spark? The diversity, the team, clients and suppliers he works with. Actually, BeSpark doesn't feel like work to Iwan either. It feels more like a hobby that got out of hand. Iwan is busy with BeSpark 24/7, simply because it gives him such energy.

I am a privileged person

Iwan de Leeuw - Founder & Chief Executive

When asked what Iwan is most proud of, he immediately knows the answer. “I am very proud of myself! Ha, ha… yes really. Look what a cool company we have created. BeSpark is a unique company with a unique character and a high-quality product.” He doesn't do that alone. He is extremely proud of all BeSpark employees who contribute to this success. And not to forget our clients who time and again express their confidence in BeSpark.

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