Sander Bank

Partner & Chief Operational

Sander Bank

Sander is partner & Chief Operational Officer at BeSpark. Not only Sander himself (with his 2.12 meters), but also his ambition reaches unprecedented heights. He knew from an early age that he would one day run his own company.

When he left the Hogeschool, Sander had only one goal in mind. With his drive and motivation, he couldn't wait to enter the entrepreneurial world. In 2010 there was his first challenging position: junior project manager at CBRE. He never thought he would also meet the man who would later become his business partner: Iwan de Leeuw.

During their first conversation, Sander didn't waste any time: 'I'm going to work and develop incredibly hard here for 6 to 7 years, and then start something for myself'. Sander is a man of his word: together with Iwan and Edo, he now owns BeSpark.

Hard work pays off. And Sander does hard work like no other. It's like top sport and not for everyone. 'You have to be able to do business and give it energy, otherwise you won't keep it up', says Sander. But the result may be there. A project that Sander is particularly proud of? Surely that is Van Doorne. As he says himself: “process-wise it is perfectly put together.”

After effort comes relaxation! Sander finds his spark in the open air. Barbecuing, working in the garden and spending time with his family: that really makes Sander a happy man.

He looks to the future with confidence. According to him, the recent transition from iL Office to BeSpark offers many opportunities. All the positive reactions and compliments just don't give the Sander wings. And he uses that energy to take BeSpark to the next level!

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