Edo Kievit

Partner & Chief Commercial

Edo Kievit

As of 1 January 2022, Edo is affiliated as Partner & Managing Director at BeSpark. To start the day well, a good cup of coffee is always welcome. Fortunately, we have delicious fresh coffee at the office. That can really make the difference!

Although Edo has not been with BeSpark for very long, it already feels like years. ‘My colleagues have welcomed me with open arms and we click well together. It is nice to work on projects with colleagues. Meeting new people, adding value to real estate as well as advising companies to optimize their office building and make it more sustainable makes me very happy.”

When asked which project Edo is most proud of, it is the redevelopment project of a 10,000 m2 office building in Utrecht. Here we have redeveloped an empty office building into a multifunctional office building and implemented the relocation of various users. A beautiful and valuable project that I have fond memories of.

It makes Edo happy when he is busy, but in his spare time he is an enthusiastic cyclist and regularly participates in competitions. He also occasionally jumps on the mountain bike together with his son. "It's wonderful to clear your head in this way and recharge yourself for the next day."

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