Jesper Kieftenbeld

Construction Director

Jesper Kieftenbeld

A job in the interior design industry? Jesper had never thought that before. As a teenager, Jesper started a technical education where he worked in technology for years. Only during an internship years later did he discover the interior design industry. The interest in interior was born. When he had a cup of coffee with Iwan in 2016, it clicked right away. The rest is history.

Jesper has been working with great pleasure at BeSpark for many years. Wisdom comes with age, they say, and so does interior design. Jesper has a feeling for design and colour. But choosing the right carpet? That's not Jesper's thing. Fortunately, he has his colleagues from the design studio for that.

Where does his strength lie? As Construction Director, Jesper combines technology with visual appeal. An optimal project that looks good, is technically correct and is functional. That makes Jesper's heart beat faster.

Besides his busy job, he likes to spend time with his family. With two young daughters, sleep has become no small luxury. Fortunately, Jesper has more than enough energy. He is very sporty; he plays football, cycles, surfs and skateboards.

Despite being such a busy bee, he always appears fresh and fruity at the office. We are pleased that Jesper has been part of our team for seven years. May we grow even more together!

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